The Best & Worst Dressed Celebs At Coachella So You Can Feel Better About Missing It

The most important Instagram event of its first year is eventually here. I’m plainly speak about Coachella, the music festival that has practically only become a contest to interpret who can walk around the desert in 100 degree climate with the most shit glued to their chief before they pass out. Coachella fashion is a tricky thing, because you’re pretty much required to wear as little dres as is practicable, but also is absolutely trendy, but also wear something that nobody else has in the past worn before. Like buying an limitless pass to a 6am spin class, garmenting for Coachella is almost always only defining yourself up for failure. Of track there are always a few geniuses who actually get it right, so let’s take a moment to celebrate them and then shit on the ones who clearly shopped for their attires while blindfolded in the clearance area of Forever 21.



RiRi Is the best garmented wherever she goes, so this is literally the most unsurprising report of all time. This betch took the basic ripped shorts and cistern top Coachella look but constructed it iconic. Its funny that we all rent on Justin Bobby for wearing combat boot to the beach on, but now that homegirl was wearing a full crystal Gucci bodysuit to the damn desert, everyones so down. Days change, I guess.

” I can’t going to go yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit “

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Hailey Baldwin

I heard Hailey Baldwin wearing army pants and a beaded bra thing, so I wore army pants and a beaded bra thing.

hangin @bumble #winterbumbleland #ad

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Hailee Steinfeld

Ill let the picstitch slide because this outfit is so good. Last-place time, matching shorts and harvest top determineds were a huge Coachella trend. This time, Hailee gave zero Fs, hop-skip the pants, and redefined matching set to entail a giant T-shirt and coordinating thigh-high boots.

Coachella Coachella

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Justine Skye

You know when youre get garmented got to go, and sweatpants are all that fit you right now, so you actually genuinely to be taken into account for a second? Well, Justine Skye literally did that at Coachella. Except, theyre holographic sweats with a body chain and a crop crest, which I wouldnt generally advise for anyone on an all carb dietbut for Justine, it’s working.


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Katy Perry

I never guessed Id miss the days when Katy Perry glued cupcakes to her tits, but here “were about”. She looks like she got locked out of a Macys dressing room while trying on a girl of honor dress after a Zumba class.

been doing this since before you were a bloop in the womb

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Selena Gomez

Selena typically slays, but apparently, shes caught a bad instance of I just got a new lover so now Im going to dress like shit because Im happy. So boring. Just because Coachella happened during Easter doesn’t mean she can wear an outfit from the Sears Easter sale.


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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was wearing a bud crown to Coachella. Thats social suicide. But I entail, I guess thats what happens when youre 36 and fucking clueless but trying to stay relevant. Its kind of like those girls who were a few years older than you in high school and now post selfies from odd angles with the InstaSize watermark in the corner. Its really sad to interpret someone who was once popular with great hair have such a tragic downfall. Oh well.


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Kendall Jenner

Kendall looks like she should be complaining about menopause over a pitcher of sangria with Samantha Jones in the first movie. This outfit only doesnt look like it belongs at a festival where everyone else is like, dropping acid and attire rent fishnets and glitter.

having so much fun at the @bumble #WinterBumbleland party, hosting with my sister #ad

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