Supermarket on wheels will drive itself to you, not the other way round

You’ve just come back from a night out, you’re tired, thirsty and desperately in need of a snack. You draw out your phone, click a button and a convenience store pulls up in front of you.

That’s basically the concept behind Moby Mart , an autonomous, self-driving convenience store on wheels. The firm behind it is a Swedish startup competently identified Wheelys Inc.

The Moby Mart, which is about the size of small-time bus, carries a selection of everyday products like snacks, meals, basic groceries, and even shoes.

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To use the storage, you download an app, register as a client and use your phone to unlock the door.

You’re greeted by a cashier an AI hologram. You scan items that you want to buy with your phone or with a smart browse basket available at the store.



As you leave the store, sensors automatically track your exit and purchases are charged to your credit card.


The store is intended to be fully autonomous, and can follow a defined route that will take it to different places throughout the day.

The Moby Mart is undergoing test in Shanghai right now, thanks to a collaboration between Wheelys and China’s Hefei University.

For now, the experiment prototype is static based permanently in a carpark but the company says that it is currently working with tech companies to develop its self-driving technology.

Future Moby Mart will be even smarter

One day, you’ll be able to order a Moby right to your door.

The company likewise hints in a video that in future, clients will be able to ordering a Moby to their precise location.

If the storage starts to run low on goods, it will be able to drive its path back to base to be re-stocked, or get replenished from another nearby Moby Mart.

The Moby Mart is planned to have drones on its roof, which will take off with smaller items to bring them right to your doorstep.


“We’ve tested it[ the prototype] on the roads around our assembly plant and in the campus region at Hefei University, ” Wheelys co-founder Per Cromwell told news outlet < em> .~ ATAGEND

He adds that the company’s purpose now is to drum up investment and wait for self-driving vehicles to be “accepted.”

He is confident that self-driving stores will soon be the norm.

“Our dream is an entire fleet of self-driving staffless stores…it is the storage that comes to you, instead of you coming to the store.”

For now, all we can do is wait and see if this does in fact, become a reality.

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