Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant Look to Build a Warriors Dynasty

Oakland, Calif.( AP) — Stephen Curry tucked a celebratory cigar into his right sock for safekeeping as he treated all of his post-championship obligations.

His fists were clenched as he pondered his latest attainment, still wearing his sweaty uniform, ankle braces, kneepads and play shoes. Oh, there would be more partying, for sure. Perhaps all summer long.

And if he and the rest of the Warriors have their way, for years to come.

Curry, Kevin Durant and their teammates are determined to build a dynasty together — and they might just be well on their way.

LeBron James belief so.

Two names in three years for Golden State. A fabulous first one with and for Durant.

“We’re plainly merely getting started, ” Curry supposed after closing out Cleveland in Monday night’s NBA Finals Game 5. “This is something that we want to continue to do, but for us to have these exchanges that we had almost a year ago and now being in this position, worth every kill we took in practice, contending through injuries that he had this year, and it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

The second NBA championship experiences drastically different for Curry, because this one was a comeback from a heartbreaking missed possibility last year against James and the Cavaliers when the Warriors knew they should have won it all but squandered a 3-1 lead.

As a raucous gang applauded at Oracle Arena, Curry watched freshly crowned Finals MVP Durant capturing his first ring in his 10 th NBA season.

“It’s different merely because of what happened last year to be honest, ” Curry said. “We went through, for lack of a better word, basketball hell in that feel of simply being so close to get the job done and not realizing that goal and having to think about that for an entire time and compartmentalize and merely try to keep the right perspective about this season and learn the lessons that we learned.”

Coach Steve Kerr screamed. Golden State general manager Bob Myers likewise was moved to tears afforded Kerr’s fearless Finals comeback from an 11 -game absence while dealing here complications from back surgery in accordance with the 2015 name run.

Kerr still determined time to cranny a joke on the stage subsequently: “Well, we had relatively limited ability, actually, it was mostly coaching.”

Later, he was straightforward and serious: “We were heartbroken last year, but this year was our turn.”

Myers recognise adding Durant might not have worked so well with anyone but the Warriors.

“Kevin’s journey, our crew espoused him. Some teams wouldn’t embrace a guy who came into a situation like ours. It consider this to be it was easy, but people like Steph Curry welcoming him and kind of let him glint — it worked out like it is appropriate to, ” Myers told. “If you want to win, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about who scored what. It’s about winning. I think he was well known that. He won a championship, and then we were close and didn’t win one. So you have a clear appreciation of what matters when you go through that stuff.”

Now, the Warriors will face a frenzy of free-agent moves this summer to try to keep as many superstars and brilliant backups as is practicable around for another was participating in 2018.

Owner Joe Lacob will be pulling out his pocketbook to potentially make Curry a $200 million bargain. Whatever it is, the big-money contract will be a hefty grow from the $12 million he payed on the way to a 16 -1 postseason.

Money and egos aside, the Warriors blended beautifully from the day Durant first marched into crew headquarters.

“I mean, come along, you got a bunch of guys who are talented and can shoot and extend and dribble, and they’re unselfish, ” Kerr articulated. “There was never any question in my psyche that this was going to work. So, this is the culmination of a year where they developed together and learned each other’s games and get better and better all time, and it was just phenomenal to be part of.”

One moment late Monday captured the camaraderie that evolved. As a grinning Curry held daughter Riley in his arms, Durant stood next to them with his left hand on the point guard’s head.

Later, the two-time reigning MVP took off his new NBA champions hat and analyse it briefly before drawing it on again, backward.

Curry had Durant to complement his game this time, to take some pressure off. They learned from each other each step of the space, they pushed each other through ferociou shooting competitors “thats been” pure amusement on a practice floor.

At the start, Curry took a back seat to let KD get comfortable. Then Curry carried Golden state while Durant healed from a left knee harm that sidelined him belatedly in the regular season.

“Steph emphatically took a back seat to start the season until he realise we didn’t need him to take a back seat, we need you to be aggressive as you’re going to be, ” forward Draymond Green announced. “And when Steph transformed that corner, I think it was after Christmas Day, when he moved that corner, we became almost unbeatable.”


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