Star Wars Fan Made His Own Giant Lightsaber

Thanks to the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, newand oldfans alike are glued to the Internet, eagerly awaiting the release of any additional information about the film. An American fan has jumped on this bandwagon his home-made giant lightsabers are get a lot of attention, as to be provided by BBC News.

Walking into his local hardware store one day, perusing through some sizeable cardboard tubings, it suddenly passed to Bob Clagett that making a Jedi weapon was, to some extent, possible. Grabbing the necessary hardware, he made his way home, locked himself in his garage, and set to work.

Im a geek, Im a geek at heart and, you know, when I have a chance to do something fun like that Ill do it, Clagett told BBC News. He remembered how he started giggling to himself when the creative epiphany hit him.

This type of construction project isnt too unusual for Clagett: He used to work in the software industry but left to set up his own business, show how to construct both practical and impractical devices online.

Although relatively simple in design, his giant lightsabers one red, one green have certainly had an effect in the online world. Fans of the venerable sci-fi franchise have heaped praise on the engineering, although some particularly pedantic members of the online community have pointed out that the hilts on the two lightsabers dont match with their blade color.

In the real world, Clagetts neighbors were fairly amazed when they found him having a lightsaber fight out on his front yard at night. These somewhat impractical, 3.66 -meter( 12 -foot) -long weapons were being swung as gracefully as possible backward and forward, all the while being filmed by a camera mounted onto a drone.

There’s no term at present if he plans to market his elegant creations. If you would like to build your own oversized lightsaber, however, you should check out the instructions on his own website, I Like To Make Stuff. They’re constructed use clear, corrugated roofing panels, big cardboard tubings, lots of spraypaint, and a bright LED spotlight.

Note: if you construct your own, the awesome sound effects are, sadly , not included.

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