Silver pasta necklaces are a delicious ode to everyone’s favourite food

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You need to shout it if you love something with every fibre of your being.  

For the pasta fans among us–a.k.a. literally everybody–our affection for these delightful drops of deliciousness is all-consuming, and naturally we want to share it with the entire world.  

And, these silver pasta bracelets are a truly romantic way to tell the entire world: “me and pasta, we have a thing going on.”  

Delicacies jewelry’s “al dente collection” comprises bracelets featuring sterling silver pendants shaped like some of their very delightful pasta designs known to humanity.  

The collection was designed especially “for folks who love pasta. (And really, who doesn’t enjoy pasta?)”  

If rotini is right up the street, well, why not wear a one around your neck?  

Picture: jewelry that is delicacies

“The spiral shape of this whimsical noodle is motivated by childhood,” reads the product’s description. “It’s a sign of silliness, bringing us back to a time of simple pleasures when we permitted ourselves to experience the world without ruling.”

There’s something for your farfalle fans…

Picture: jewelry that is delicacies  

Penne is bae, so naturally the collection has this yummy noodle coated…


The pasta lovin’ doesn’t end there. There bracelets in the shape of orecchiette and bucatini.  

The bracelets are priced between $85 and $99. So, a lot more expensive than the pasta you consume.

Nevertheless, you could always create your own DIY pasta necklace.  

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