Set Your DVR Now: The Cyrus Family Is Getting A Reality TV Show

Yet again the Bravo TV network understands us better than our therapiststhey’re filming a reality see with the Cyrus family. Tbh Bravo is the only organization that systematically affords the peoples of the territories what the hell is want, other than Starbucks and drunk pizza. The show is called, which coincidentally could describe Miley’s 2013 personality crisis. It will feature Miley Cyrus’ mom, Tish, and her sister Brandi doing whatever it is the family members of famous people do.

The premise is Tish and Brandi rivalling to win interior design contracts. That means people are willing to not only let Tish and Brandi redecorate their dwellings, but likewise willing to “evaluate” their proposals. It’s kind of like when a parent tells their child that their art work is beautiful and not just a collection of poorly depict shapes and clashing colorings, but then the parent lets the kid redesign their home. Whoever wins the contract gets to perform the redesign, and whoever loses has to be the winner’s assistant for that project.

Basically, it combines the insanity of the Cyrus family, the fucking crazy mother-daughter dynamics of, and the interior design of a TLC DIY home improvement show. If you don’t plan on watching this and drunkard texting your mom, you’re lying.

The only way this could be better is if Liam Hemsworth makes a guest cameo.

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