Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn Reveals He Was Sexually Harassed As A Young Actor

The 57-year-old Advised Access Hollywood That His “casting couch” Narrative:

“It happened to me as a young guy, when I had been literally Lupita’s age. It happened to me and it was not as what Lupita went through as long or dreadful, but it had been the same thing. It had been the casting couch and that I did not understand quite what was happening, or what was occurring.”

Tony continued:

“I believed it had been my fault. I believed I had been misunderstanding the situation, and only afterwards did I realize what had happened. It took me a few years to get over it. It was similar because I got from this situation. It’s something women need to deal with in every situation, in every industry with powerful men.”

Emphasizing the point about bringing these issues to light, the celeb shared:

“This is all about consciousness. This is not a new item. It’s something that most of us have to take responsibility for.”

You can see him discuss his message (under):

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