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Russian state TV has a new punching bag: fidget spinners

The fidget spinner, a nefarious actor.
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While they may be bafflingly popular and useless, the humble fidget spinner is allegedly a instrument undermining the Russian country.

Alexey Kazakov, a team at Orientation station Rossiya 24, said in a June 19 report that the mildly addictive apparatus “makes a individual impressionable for manipulation,” as per a translation from Newsweek.

It is apparently one of many sections by the broadcaster on the ill-effects of fidget spinners, imagining them to become American goods helping political “non-systemic” opposition in the nation.

Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev was one of the initial people to point out that the toy being promoted by opposition on Twitter.

“Fidget spinners are used by opposition to pacify followers and distract them from actual problems. Because that is what opposition usually does,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

“This is what Russian propaganda is like. That really is the best it can do. And, supposedly the same folks (there are no others) tricked U.S. [election].”

The toys are allegedly being marketed at anti-corruption protests, according to a study on the channel by Nikolai Sokolov.

The report further asserts YouTube stations that comprise of all videos of fidget spinners are highly political, which is how they figure out how to attract a more “possible protest audience.”

Ok then …

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