Rapping ode to a ‘funny little town’ will make you think about countryside life

One cool space to pass the time in an Australian country town? Enter the local short movie competition.

#ShepPROUD is one such competition organised by the local committee in Shepparton, Victoria, and the most recent entry they’ve showcased on Facebook is a cracker.

Half tongue-in-cheek and half genuine kudo, local person Matt Magill has created a rap video, praising the community’s cultural diversity, thriving fruit industry, and penchant for “fake kine, real kine, and fake real cows.”

With sweet cables like “Nothing hurts like the dwelling town blue-bloodeds, but folks here though will get you through and help you find something to do, ” it’s clear that Greater Shepp is not just a “funny little town” but a strong community. And one with “plenty of pears and apples.” What more could you crave?

Even Shepparton’s greatest exportations, hero-worship rock ensemble Augie March, were into it. They commented on the video with a simple “Shepp.” Enough said.

[ h/ t Pedestrian ]

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