Pup who shared her food bowl still leaves half the kibble behind after other dog passes away

It’s not dusty in here. I have not been cutting onions. That is not sweat. I am unashamed to admit I have tears streaming down my appearance as I sit at my table and read the histories of Cookie, the loving Labrador who is trying to share her food with a furry pal who’s no longer with us.

Twitter user @_EasyBreasy_ owned two Labrador retrievers, Stitch and Cookie. The elder bird-dog, Stitch, always let Cookie have first dibs on their shared meat bowl, but Cookie rapidly learned to leave half the food behind so they both got breakfast. Thoughtful, right? But now Stitch has passed away, and Cookie is still lovingly leaving behind half her kibble for a pal she must still think is coming home.

Even when her human made Cookie less meat to start with( hinting she could eat all of it , now that she doesn’t “re going to have to” share ), Cookie still left behind half. As the note attached to the original post reads 😛 TAGEND

” So since Stitch is gone, Ive been feeding Cookie less food. Well before I went to bed, I wanted to check to see if she devour. And she still left half of her food there so Stitch can eat .”

See? Now you’re sobbing too.

It starts off with get a little choked up.

But it intensifies so fast to unabashed waterworks.

Even the feline love on Twitter can’t control themselves.

And then you ascertain a picture of Cookie and Stitch from back in the working day 😛 TAGEND

And I’m sorry, I only can’t.

Cookie, you are a 15/10 good doggo. Ihope you find a new friend to share your meat with soon.

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