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Pubs scammed by $100 notes featuring ‘not for circulation’ in big pink Chinese script

Northern Territory police go looking for pair over forging scam that has deceived seven premises since Sunday

Pubs in Darwin are being hit by an elaborate counterfeiting scam: a pair buying alcohol and cigarettes applying $100 notes further that have not for circulation published on them in huge pink Chinese characters.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Glenn Leafe told seven occurrences had been reported since Sunday, mostly involving the same man and woman. The scams occurred at different times of day and night.

The pair accumulates change from the transaction before speedily leaving the panorama, he told. Leafe said the suspects last-place strike on Monday at 9.30 pm, making a licensed premises in Marrara with the unlikely-looking note.

Upon examining the mention faculty challenged the pair who fled the store, Leafe said.

A quick scrutiny would uncover the mention can certainly aspect Sir John Monash, wartime imagery and approximately the right hues but the likeness terminates there. The term Australia is largely overwritten with huge pink Chinese personas that approximately carry as: Practising coupon. Sample. For practising apply simply , not for circulation.

Such training notes are used to teach foreign bank workers and trade can be bought online for less than $10.

How the mention should look. Photo: Dan Peled/ AAP

Northern Territory police believe all seven occurrences are related, with six members of them involving one “mens and” one woman. They dont yet know where the counterfeit notes were obtained, but are reviewing CCTV footage and expect to catch up with the perpetrators pretty quickly to find out.

Leafe told: This is a reminder for businesses to be vigilant when accepting currency transactions, in particular transactions involving $100 notes.

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