President Obama had beer and noodles with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam

President Barack Obama on Monday attained major foreign-policy report by announcing the end of a decades-long arms embargo on Vietnam. But it was the next thing Obama did on his journey that has Americans talking.

The commander-in-chief ate some noodles with another famous person.

Obama satisfied Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN‘s culinary traveling reveal Parts Unknown , for some local maggot and beer at the Bn ch Hng Lin restaurant in Hanoi.

The President’s chopstick abilities are on degree. #buncha #hanoi

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On Twitter, Bourdain said that the snack, which consisted of a pork-and-noodle bowl called bn ch, cost just$ 6, which he paid.

He likewise disclosed the the two tall AmericansObama is 6 foot 1 inch, while Bourdain towers at 6 paw 4 inchesenjoyed the food while sitting on some relatively short plastic stools.( The average height of a Vietnamese humankind is about 5 paw 5 inches tall, according to one survey .)

The casualness of the other diners in the photo hasstruck some people as particularly odd. But be determined whether their advent caused a conjure, we’ll have to wait until the Parts Unknown episode about Obama’s trip breaths sometime later this year.

Obama’s appearance on Parts Unknown recognizes the White House’s latest great efforts to reach new audiences through popular culture. Following his final State of the Union address in January, Obama sat down for interviewswith several YouTube stars, and he likewise appeared on an chapter of Running Wild with Bear Grylls last year during the course of its first journey by a sitting president above the arctic circle in Alaska. Last-place summertime, the president appeared on Marc Maron’s popular WTF podcast for a candid interview.

Obama’s trip to Vietnam, his first as president, began on Sunday. Later this week, he will travel to Hiroshima, Japan, where in 1945 the U.S. military fell a nuclear bomb in an effort to force-out Japan to surrender in World War II. Obama, who will be the first sitting chairperson to visit the website, will not apologize on behalf of the members of the U.S. for lowering the bomb.

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