Police officer patrols the outback alongside a baby kangaroo

Look, perhaps the crony officer genre hasn’t been the quite the same since the days of Lethal Weapon or even Rush Hour , but here’s a fresh partnership mind for movie executives.

Meet Senior Constable Tiffany Greig and her babe kangaroo( a.k.a. joey) chums, who trip with her while she’s on patrol in the remote expanses of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Greig told ABC News she often rescues injured joeys while out on the road, like the very adorable and alluring Quinn, who features on her Instagram account.

“When I got him he was about a kilogram; he was a tiny little thing but he was just the funniest, more robust little roo I’ve ever had, ” she told the publication.

Now Greig has a joey called Cornelius, a “very regal” juvenile big-hearted blood-red kangaroo, which has unusual white colourings.

While we don’t know how great babe kangaroos are at helping to fight crime, these cute little critters certainly can help foster relationships with communities.

“It’s about breaking down those hurdles and I belief the Instagram account genuinely does that, and obviously carrying around a joey 24/7 does that as well, ” Greig told the ABC. “It encourages people to talk to you and find out a little bit about you and seek advice.”

Who could fight?

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