Plus-size model Tess Holliday posts video of Uber driver questioning her health

Model Tess Holliday deals with tons of notes about her sizing .

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Commenting on a stranger’s load, sizing, or health is never okay. It shapes for an awkward interaction at best, as plus-size modeling Tess Holliday learned though not for the first time in an Uber earlier this week.

When her Uber driver asked about her cholesterol tiers while the modeling sat in the back seat of the black vehicle she had ordered, Holliday turned on her video telephone and caught the tail end of the male driver’s fat-shaming inquiry.

In the Instagram post, you are able to hear him ask about her cholesterol. She responds that she’s health, which seems to shut him up. But she’s not biding quiet about the interaction.

Hey @ uber I don’t pay more to use your “black car” service to be told that there’s no way I could possibly be health because I’m fat& then questioning it. No one “re going to have to” tolerate this at any level of the services offered you offer. I’m fat. I likewise have a fat billfold& will no longer be able to use your services. Ever. Also after I told him I was health he transformed the radio off& changed the subject. #putmymoneywheremymouthis #uberdriver #uber Edited to add: saying my driver is fat was patently being used as a descriptor& not to insult him. Also I did not show his appearance or use his identify when filming, it was to be able to show what I deal with daily& why this behavior is unacceptable from anyone .

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Holliday addressed Uber in the short video’s caption, writing that she will “no longer be using your services” with her “fat wallet.” She added, “no one should have to tolerate this at any level of the services offered you offer.”

An Uber spokesperson’s response to the incident was, We expect all riders and drivers to treat one another with respect as put forward in our Community Guidelines.

The model, who is unabashedly proud of her sizing and confident in her health and appears , mentioned she mentioned the driver’s own sizing( but not his appearance or any identifying features) to indicate what she deals with daily from all sorts of people.

No doubt that driver didn’t get a very healthy review.

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