Pixar Just Released A Video That Proves All Their Movies Are Connected, And Heres How

Disney has just surprised everyone by releasing a movie that joins all 17 Pixar films, and it really makes sense.

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Pixar has built a massive universe of treasured storylines and characters since the release of Toy Story in 1995, and devoted fans have spent decades connecting the dots between these. No, they didn’t even find a concealed doomsday prophecy, but they did reveal what could possibly be one of the most intricate and long-running stories ever put to screenplay. Disney themselves have now confirmed at least a few of these theories, such as characters recurring mysteriously in numerous films.

Blogger Jon Negroni cracked open Pandora’s box in 2013 when he wrote an epic article about the film saga, proposing a deadline from Brave into Finding Dory involving witchcraft, artificial intelligence, and post survival survival. You may read the full story here, but you must be prepared for an intensive brain workout.

The best part about all of this? It’s a fantastic reason to have a fresh Pixar movie marathon.

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