People can’t believe Bangkok wants to ban its iconic street food vendors

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Bangkok’s iconic bustling streets, lined with food vendors may soon vanish.

The government is moving to ban these food carts and makeshift clothing stalls from the capital’s main roads, as part of a campaign to clean up the city.

“All types of stalls including clothes, counterfeit goods and food stalls will be banned from primary metropoli roads, ” Walop Suwandee, chief consultant to Bangkok’s governor, told news organisation AFP .

“They will not be allowed for order and hygiene reasons.”

Officials have for weeks been forcing vendors out of Thonglor, one of the city’s popular sightseer territories, but the latest bulletin confirming that the prohibitions is city-wide.

Bangkok was earlier voted the world’s better destination for street food by CNN, and is known for its broad various forms of cheap food dishes served in stalls along the road.

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Street food can expense as little as$ 1 in Bangkok.

Officials say the street food stalls clog the foot footpaths, littering wall street and blocking the space of pedestrians.

But for many, the city’s street stalls are part of its primary draw 😛 TAGEND

But this decision isn’t new.

Bangkok had last year already started on its plan to cleaning process its streets ejecting some 15, 000 vendors from 39 public regions across the city last year.

A Bangkok resident who agreed with Bangkok’s Metropolitan Administration( BMA) that the streets required cleaning up, added that she belief another zone could be lay out for street stalls.

“The BMA should set up a zone for the street vendors, so that they are able to keep their jobs and save the charm of Bangkok’s street food, ” Romdheera Phruetchon told The Nation .

“The people can benefit from selling, while the sightseers can enjoy the unique street food of our city.”

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