Owners Get Creative To Stop Their Chubby Cat Meatball, From Stealing Food

Meatball the bronchial feline, also has a love/hate relationship with food. Something we all might have…So what is the major problem just?

  • So what’s it?

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    Well, Meatball loves food , he is prepared to risk his own relationship with his own kitten children! How? By stealing their food!

    Tsk, tsk, tsk

    However, things weren’t always this way. Back in his younger bachelor times, he and his spouse Mochi were rather trim. This is until kittens Pepper and also Nugget came into the film.

  • Just how does it start?

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    After Pepper and Nugget were old enough to consume good food, Meatball found their bowls, than saw his, then determined that as the elder and well daddy… he must buy more.  

    He began to steal from his children’s bites. (Obviously after devouring his bowl.) Meatball’s owners began to suspect a thing when Meatball began to well… pile on the weight.

  • Like father like son

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    Koon Wah constructed little partitions to separate the cats during mealtimes, meaning they can’t observe each other’s bowls or sneakily nick food from whoever’s nearby.

    What is worse… Pepper began to follow his father’s lead!! All of us look up to our parents, so when Pepper saw what his father was doing, he did exactly the exact same to Nugget. Leaving Nugget deprived of snacks 🙁

    Luckily, their owners, Daphine and also Koon Wah, discovered what was happening and sprung into action.  

  • The answer

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    Koon managed to develop little partitions to separate the cats throughout their mealtimes. In this manner all the cats are not able to see what the other is becoming. In addition they can’t steal the other food.  

  • Say Cheese!

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    The couple saw how successful the first prototype was (although it was made from cardboard) and also made a decision to construct a more secure one, from wood and cloth. Each cat currently has their own private spot.  

    Daphnie told The Dodo  that Meatball and Pepper ‘remain just a little obese’, but obviously the cats are on track for a healthy, fitter lifestyle.

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