New Research Basically Says Millennials Are More Into Food Than Alcohol These Days

When I look back on my college years, I often wonder how I got through them living — and no, I am really not even being hyperbolic. When I wasn’t in class or doing homework, I spent more or less the remainder of my time partying with my friends, drinking way too much vodka, and habitually blacking out (FYI, blacking out isn’t cool at all, you guys). The partying item was pretty much regular culture one of my peers while I ended up becoming completely sober. People liked to get f*cked up. But these days, while I do not partake myself anymore, I must wonder, do millennials beverage more or less than what I remember from my college years?

Well, according to a survey called “Brighter Futures: Difficult Perceptions of Millennials,” twenty-somethings are definitely drinking. Actually, according to this fairly heartening  (dare I say impressive) study, results reveal that millennials are actually more into meals than alcohol nowadays.

And no, I do not mean moving to Denny’s at 3 a.m. to get a few hangover-prevention chili fries. I mean millennials would Eat food than get wasted.

The poll included 1,023 participants between the ages of 21 and 37 who’ve attended an event such as a festival, gig, rave, talk, or immersive experience in the previous year, also was a followup to Eventbrite’s past research findings, which discovered that millennials are generally more interested in spending their money on experiences rather than objects.

Yes, believe it or not, the trend nowadays is to invest money and time on interesting and diverse approaches to enjoy one another’s company face-to-face, rather than  spending time online, or even going out to eat or hanging out at a bar. There has been a significant drop in “out-of-home drinking,” despite the fact that millennials want to, and do, go out more in general.

But now, they are heading out in search of more interesting experiences, rather than boozy experiences.

This is actually referred to as a “climbing experience market,” and it’s people, no joke. Apparently 80 percent of the surveyed in this study would forfeit something in their lives to have the ability to afford going to more occasions, and would actually   give up spending on their daily eating habits to cover to visit, in particular, food-based festivals (same, though).

One in three participants are even willing to sell their possessions on eBay to finance more IRL fantastic times. And 68 percent of the surveyed prefer to spend their final $10 on a food truck bite compared to a beverage (againexactly the same).

Plus, astonishingly enough, the slow and steady shift away from alcohol does not just need to do with the not-so-cute moments that tend to end  up in your Instagram story.   Although participants in this study Refer to becoming super plastered as both “awkward” and “pitiful” (somewhat harsh, no?) , the disinterest in booze also has to perform with a rising concern for total wellness, and also an interest in becoming more emotionally present for their social experiences. Even in regards to people who believe themselves “ravers,” you in three have been to (and appreciated) daytime raves that do not include any booze or drugs.

In fact, more millennials report not drinking at all at occasions (18 percent), while just 11 percent say they’ve passed out drunk after a night out.

Seven in 10 of those surveyed said they would rather pace themselves with drinking than go crazy.    

And naturally, since at the end of the day, all we really want is love, heading out to diverse events can be sparked by an interest in face-to-face romantic matchmaking, rather than internet dating. The Eventbrite report discovered that people are hungry heart-fluttering experiences that places like festivals can supply, for actual life, rather than the swipe on our programs.

Here Is to meeting someone in line for the Porta Potty while you’re both sober AF, amirite?  

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