Natural Beauty Tips to Removing Dark Circles under Eyes

dark circles under eyes

No more cosmetics to hide your dark circles

Are you frustrated with your eyes not looking as good as you wanted ? Are you, in particular, having to use cosmetics all the time to hide the imperfections of your eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are, as the name suggest, are due to dark color areas under the eyes. Many women and girls are plague with these problems and there are many causes to this. Some of the most common causes are heredity, stress in work, lack of sleep, fatigue or old age, allergies, medications,etc.

It is not easy to remove dark circles easily and in many cases, these problems can follow you for many years even when you had taken many corrective actions to no avail.

There are many natural solution that you can try, and it could eliminate your problem or at least lessen the darkness.

The following are some natural beauty tips that can definitely help to remove your dark circles under the eyesdark circles under eyesdark circles under eyesdark circles under eyesdark circles under eyesdark circles under eyes

How does Dark Circles comes about and why of all places, it has to happen under your Eyes ?

Under your eyes, there are blood vessels that carries your blood through it. As the blood flows through it, it produces a bluish color. Because the skin under your eyes are the thinnest, it can easily shows dark bluish color under your eyes, which gives you that unsightly dark circles. There are many natural ways to removes it, and there is one that is commonly found in your garden.

Rose water

It’s a wonder solution that infuses rose petals into water. One of the most popular uses are perfumes as its smell are aromatic and it soothes your senses.  It is also good for refreshing your skin especially under your eyes. It can nourish your skin and gives you that beautiful looking eyes.

For application, apply rose water on cotton buds and placed under your eyes for about 20mins every night for at least a few weeks. You will see dark circles lessen drastically.

Another natural tips you can use is something that you can find in your kitchen.


Cool as a cucumber…. the coolness has its uses….

Yes, Cucumber is another cool remedy that can reduce your dark circles. Not only does it cools and refreshes your tired eyes, frequent application can reduces your dark eyes.

Have your cucumber placed in your fridge, and after cooling it, take a cucumber and grate it until you can squeeze some juice out. Dipped 2 cotton wool into it and then placed onto your eyes. Do it for a few weeks and you will see the difference.

The above natural beautiful tips will definitely help give you the best possible looking eyes without resorting to using camouflaging cosmetics. There is another cool idea you can use and this ingredient is commonly found in your kitchen as well. Another effective idea for your beautiful eyes….

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