Naked customers, and other tales of awkward food delivery encounters

Deliveroo rider, Edica.

Image: deliveroo/supplied

Like any customer service job, food delivery is fraught with all the awkwardness that could just come from interacting with other human beings constantly.

But a number of those Deliveroo drivers have additional odd stories to tell.

22-year-old rider Shafiq stated he was making a delivery, if he was approached by a girl to ask if he could help her with her cosmetics.

“As if I had any skills with cosmetics…I have saved with a new sequence and dashed out the door,” he said.


Turns out, lots of additional Deliveroo riders have had their fair share of bizarre encounters. Here are some of the best advised to Mashable.

Double Shipping

In my way to deliver an order, I came across a kid that seemed to be lost. I picked him up and asked him to show me where his home is,” said Gabriel.

“The house ended up being where I was making the food delivery to! The children mom was really happy with both deliveries.

Friendly clients

“I picked up an order of eight pizzas and has been told to deliver to a condominium [complicated], straight to their karaoke room,” said Edica.

“When I reached the destination, I was greeted with a really jubilant man. He and his friends even invited me in to sing a few tunes and have some drinks!”

Even friendlier clients

Once a customer replied the door completely naked! Prakash said.

No monkeying about

I was making a delivery plus a whole pack of monkeys started after me! said Sharif.

Free booze

“A customer gave me a great (yet surprising) tip once a bottle of wine wrapped with two $5 notes! revealed Ming.

Now that, we could get on board with.

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