More Americans eyeing up New Zealand as their Trump escape route

New Zealand: home into sheep, hobbits, also, soon, maybe more Americans.
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It seems Peter Thiel may be on to something Because There’s been a surge in American curiosity about accordance with New Zealand in the wake of the election Donald Trump.

Even the Associated Press dug right into a information via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and also found that at the 12 weeks after Donald Trump’s election (November 8, 2016 through January 31, 2017), 170 Americans applied for citizenship into New Zealand.

That’s, admittedly, a low number, however, it marks a 70 percent increase over exactly the same time interval from 2015.

Additionally, based on data that the AP obtained by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, at the 2 days after the U.S. election in November (November 8-10, 2016), the amount of Americans who visited its website to discover about citizenship rose to 4,146 out of 305 on the same two weekdays a month earlier (October 4-6, 2016).

And, depending upon your skill set, you could be qualified to take part in the nation’s Looksee Wellington program, an effort to import tech savvy workers. Overall, New Zealand seems pretty welcoming to Americans, at least over the Net.

But there are drawbacks to living to the gorgeous island in the bottom of earth. You will find 6,000 miles between New Zealand and the U.S. and a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to Auckland can run you about 13 hours, ruling out any rapid weekend getaways to find that the parents.

And those numbers pale in comparison to, say, the surge that the Canadian immigration site experienced Election Night. Tens of thousands of people flocked into Canada’s immigration site in November, enough visitors to crash the site.

Based on Migrant Policy , the most popular states for immigrants in America are Mexico (877,000) and Canada (343,000). New Zealand includes 22,000 American expats, as stated by the site. That’s over, say, Argentina (5,000) and North Korea (1,000), but it still trails several more popular nations such as Japan (50,000), Spain (40,000), and also the U.K. (212,000).

However, New Zealand has a lot of cachet and it is not overly hard to enter, but it’ll effort and energy to get there and you’re going to be isolated from friends and family (but not sheep).

So, basically, New Zealand is the indie rock country for people looking to flee America.

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