Meghan Trainor Got Engaged To The Most Random Actor From Our Childhood

Christmas is the time of year when most of the most annoying people in your life generally choose to get engaged, and apparently famous people are no different. This vacation’s eyeroll-inducing proposal belonged to none other than our homegirl Meghan Trainor, and like most of her career options, her pick of fiancé is pretty uninspiring: the dude from .

Yeah, dude from . His name is Daryl Sabara, also in case you don’t remember much about , allow me to educate you according to research I did (aka seeing my VHS tape at least 100 times in the early 2000s). Daryl played Juni, the lovable but horribly dorky younger brother who obtained warts all over his fingers and started to shout when anyone called him Butterfingers. Seems like husband material!!

Daryl’s livelihood after really took off, such as a recurring role on and very little else. Ouch. Like, Meghan Trainor’s whole music career has happened since Daryl last made a film, and I’m not exaggerating a tiny bit. He must have heard “Dear Future Husband” and been like “lol I’m not doing anything else, might as well be me.”

Daryl suggested on Meghan’s birthday (ew) after they’d been dating for about a year and a half, that is a sensible deadline when the two folks understand they sort of suck and are happy with one another. He suggested in some kind of tunnel of Christmas lights, and their families were there to celebrate afterwards, which is sort of cute and we don’t have any difficulties with it.

Meghan and Daryl are sure to live a happy life together and also make several mildly cute little children, and good for them. I’d tell them to keep the sappy Instagram articles to a minimum, but I don’t follow either of them so I truly don’t give a fuck. Have fun children, and don’t spend too much on the wedding since Meghan may not make hit singles forever.

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