Literally just a video of 47 baby goats being ridiculously cute

Release the goats!

It’s breakfast time at the goat cheese farm, Sunflower Farm Creamery, and these kids are excitedall 47 of them. That’s right, 47 newborn goats!

No is important that kind of newborn goat you like, you’ll find a favorite in this video. There’s a newborn bottle-drinking goat. There are jumping-on-bags-of-pine-shavings goats. There’s even a hopping-on-mommy’s back goat.

According to the farm, “It is a wild got a couple of times of wailing until everyone locates one another and gets a good long sip and then quiet and playtime for the children! “

Seems like all children are a handful, even the goat kind.

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