Lindsey Graham on health care: ‘We should be politically horsewhipped if we don’t try this again’

Sen. Lindsey Graham tells Fox News the Republicans deserve to become  politically horsewhipped if they don’t try again to repeal and replace ObamaCare — and on Monday he disclosed details of his new strategy.

Despite rocky benefits in the Senate last week, Graham, R-S.C., is urging the Senate to continuing working on options.

Talking to Dana Perino on The Story using Marth MacCallum on Monday night, Graham advocated for his own alternative: a strategy He has built with Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy.

Beneath the Graham-Cassidy plan, federal dollars spent on Obamacare are block-granted to countries. Additionally, the individual and employer mandate would be repealed; requirements that health insurers would cover pre-existing conditions would be kept; along with the ObamaCare medical apparatus tax will be cut. Other ObamaCare taxes would stay.


I am, like, 1,000 percent with Donald Trump on this, Graham explained. We ought to be politically horsewhipped when we dont try again. The best thought we havent even brought up. Take all of the cash under ObamaCare and block-grant it back to the states, he explained.

That ends single-payer healthcare. The government closest to the people is the ideal government. The healthcare closest to the people is the ideal healthcare. We’d Republican governors up in the White House today we seem to Washington to mend ObamaCare, we shouldve looked to the governors.

Im excited about Graham-Cassidy, that empowers governors, Graham explained. Four countries under ObamaCare get 40 percent of the cash: New York, California, Massachusetts and Maryland. My goal is to be certain that if you reside in South Carolina you get the same amount of money in the national authorities as you would if you lived in California with additional flexibility. Itll place Democrats in a box. It’ll make healthcare more accessible for you. If you dont like whats happening, you complain to your governor or your statehouse guy, instead of a bureaucrat in Washington. Im really excited about this. Mr. President, dont let’s quit! Make us keep trying. I believe we could pass this bill to block give the cash straight back to the states.

Whether Grahams legislation would make it to a vote wasnt just clear but the senator said he remained optimistic.


If we took a really principled position on healthcare, that we ought to send the money straight home, nearest to the individual, also had hearings and votes in the normal course of business, then we could get this done, Graham explained.

West Virginia, under my strategy, has 43 percent more cash than under ObamaCare with more flexibility, he explained. So the bottom line is, by 2026, we would like to be sure that each and every state receives the exact same block granting. And Mr. President, you make sure that we try this before we say we failed. We havent even begun to fight yet.

Asked to talk about a recent White House shake-up that saw Anthony Scaramucci ousted as the White House Communications Director on Monday, Graham deflected. None of this matters if were powerful, he explained. If we fail on healthcare I dont care who he hires.

Two or three Democratic proposals for health care changes have emerged.

Under one by Sens. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Tom Carper of Delaware, the national government would help pay bigger than expected claims for insurers providing policy on the national and state online marketplaces based by Obama’s law.

Still another by Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri would let people in counties where no insurers offer policies on exchanges purchase the same coverage that members of Congress buy. The national Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimated last week that trades would offer no policy annually at 40 of the country’s approximately 3,000 counties.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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