Latest: Food pantry resumes near Texas church shooting site

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10:05 a.m.

A food pantry has resumed operations at a site next to the Texas church that endured the nation’s worst mass shooting.

The pantry’s director, Lula White, was among the more than two dozen murdered Sunday in the First Baptist Church in Sutherlands Springs. White was also the grandmother of the gunman’s wife.

On Friday, people packed the little space, filling and tearfully hugging bags with groceries contributed bakery goods and clothing. As 68-year-old Brandy Johnson walked in, she exclaimed she could “see Lu in the desk.”

Husband and wife, Judy Green and Rod, have functioned the pantry for 11 decades. They were married at First Baptist but didn’t attend the service that Devin Kelley brought to an end with gunfire.


12:04 a.m.

Some gave blood. Others stocked the food pantry.

Acquaintances and residents of Sutherland Springs volunteered to be able help the Texas community recover from the shooting in a Baptist church which left more than two dozen dead.

Twenty-year-old Karyssa Calbert of neighboring Floresville, who is pregnant, couldn’t give blood but came to give moral support. She says people are doing what they could, “but honestly everyone feels so helpless.”

The pastor of the First Baptist Church says that the church will be demolished. Members and visitors say that the tribe should continue but not in exactly the identical building. 1 assistant to the congregation says she and others are trying to figure out a temporary solution to keep it moving in another construction.

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