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Khlo Kardashian Is Unrecognizable In This New Instagram

What would my life be like when I was not writing about some Kardashian non-news item every 3 times? No, seriously. That was an earnest question. Please send assist. Well, this latest controversy is most likely one of the more eccentric ones nonetheless, and it doesn’t even need to do with pregnancy this time: Khloé Kardashian posted an Instagram where she seems unrecognizable. So much so that it has got fans asking: Can Khloé get plastic surgery? I mean like, over her existing plastic surgery (you cannot tell me that buttocks grew three times the size from squats independently). Khloé posted an Instagram on Thursday of herself and an adorable pup cuddling, but it was not the floof that got fans talking. Just take a look on your own.


How cute is this little tater tot? Puppy Love

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Just a sampling in the comments includes things such as, “Who dis?” And “Not yo face Ms Simpson”. A better caption, which I may go add right now so don’t steal it, would have been, “New nose, that dis?” I’m sorry, but this is simply not what Khloé’s face resembles. Did Khloé get a nose job? It seems that way, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. For one, I did a very quick Google search of “Is it safe to find rhinoplasty when you are pregnant?” And the outcomes were a wholehearted NO. So either Khloé isn’t pregnant or she didn’t get a nose job. Or I guess a third, however, quite unlikely option, is that she’s pregnant and got some sketchy back-alley nose job and put her baby’s life in danger, but for example, since the Kardashians probably have a Buy 10, Get 1 Free punch card with their regular plastic surgeon, there is pretty much no chance in hell that’s the case. So the options not pregnant: remain or not a brand new nose?

Khloé might have reacted to the rumors from a different Instagram from Sunday.  


Haters will state it is photoshopped

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See that caption? “Haters will state it is photoshopped”. Is that a direct call-out to all of the comments from the other image? Maybe, maybe not. But look carefully at the two noses, and it is apparent the Khloé did not get a nose job–homegirl just went a little heavy. And I mean, have not we all? As Kris Jenner Jesus once said, let he who hasn’t gone a little heavy on the nose contouring cast the first stone.

It is an honest mistake most of us make from time to time, but Khlo time leave the professionals the FaceTune.

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