Justin Timberlake holds stranger’s baby Lion King-style at golf tournament

Asking a celebrity to hold your infant might otherwise get you arrested by security, but not in a celebrity golf tournament apparently.

In this movie uploaded to Reddit by user GuacamoleFanatic, a dad tries desperately to acquire every star that walks by in a celebrity golf tournament to hold his baby. He first asks NBA star Steph Curry, who walks by without a glance. He desperately tries for Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Tony Romo, all while holding his unfazed kid from the atmosphere. Then he places Justin Timberlake, who he knows might play along.

The father puts Justin under stress as the audience starts a convincing “Hold the infant” chant. Justin stops in his tracks, compelled from the voices, and blesses the infant by holding him in his arms.

Not only does Justin cuddle the infant like the natural dad he is, however, then Steph joins in (after initially refusing the baby, mind you) and suggests raising the infant Lion King-style and singing the iconic opening line of “Circle of Life,” solidifying this infant as their new king.

This baby doesn’t realize, or care for that matter, that this is most certainly the best thing that’s happened to him in his very short life.

Bringing a baby into a golf tournament might not be the best idea, but had this infant not been there, he wouldn’t have had the chance to be cradled by Justin Timberlake.

He’s bringin’ baby back.

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