Intense video shows Uber crash into a gas station and erupt into a fireball

Surveillance footage from a petrol station at Seattle captured the minute an out-of-control vehicle crashed into one of the pumps, resulting in a huge fireball in the process.

Komo News reports that the SUV that resulted in the explosion has been a 2007 X-Terra working for Uber in the moment, with a passenger in the car. According to witnesses, the SUV has been speeding and cut on the side of a Honda Accord before moving toward the gas station.

The Accord was pushed off the road, hit a tree and divide in half. The driver suffered serious injuries.

After hitting the Accord, the SUV continued down the road, hopped a control, and moved through a parking lot, then barreled through the gas station. The SUV managed to push between 2 pumps, but struck a third that resulted in the explosion.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the fires, and the 40-year-old woman riding as a passenger in the Uber has been brought to the hospital with minor injuries.

After a DUI test in the scene, then the 60-year-old driver of this SUV has been brought to the hospital. In addition, a sample of his blood has been taken after police got a warrant.

It is still unsure what caused the crash, and some witnesses claim that the SUV did try to brake, and there was also some speculation that a busted tire resulted in the car to shed control.

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