I’m Still Breathing (Revolution Radio) – Green Day

I'm still breathing

Green Day, an American punk rock band from Berkeley California,
comprising of Billie Joe, Mike and Tré, is back with their upcoming 12th studio album
Revolution Radio.

They are rising quickly and their debut song Still Breathing is topping the charts.

This song depicts the life we are all so familiar with, living a life through hardship,
something losing our love ones and always dodging bullets just to stay alive for the moment.
Life’s overcoming all kinds hardship and and we are still alive.

Hopefully this song will gives you motivation and strengths to pull through life’s daily challenges.

You are not alone in this struggle and will pull through this storm together.

The rainbow is on the other side! Keep Breathing!

Still Breathing, from their album Revolution Radio will be releasing on the Oct 7th 2016.
Go check it out the heart pumping song.

Watch the animated lyric video below!

Courtesy of Green Day


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