‘I’ll Save You!’ Adorable Bulldog Tries To Save Her Favorite Actor From Bear Attack

Among the most talked about films this past season was “The Revenant.”

It is a story about success, and after coming in years past the film finally won Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar for Best Actress. There’s one scene in the movie before entering the theatre which I learned, yet, and that is the scene where a bear attacks DiCaprio’s character.

1 British Bulldog called Khaleesi hilariously watches films much. Nevertheless, when it comes to “The Revenant,” she is not likely to take an assault on Leo lying down.

Khaleesi is viewing the dramatic scene carefully. She perks up a bit when the bear comes into perspective.

Watch her try to ‘rescue’ DiCaprio in the bear in this humorous video!

She’s too funny. Do your dogs react like this to pictures? Inform us your humorous stories from your comments!

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