If you watch one take about Trump at the G20, make it this one

Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann had some choice words for Trump.
Picture: Nasty abc/twitter

Critics of this U.S. media routinely accuse reporters of being mean to President Donald Trump. But just wait patiently they hear exactly what this top rated Australian journalist must say.

Chris Uhlmann, the political editor in the government-backed Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), also delivered scathing remarks on Trump’s presidency after the U.S. leader attended his first G20 summit this weekend.

Uhlmann, who is considered politically conservative, said Trump was “an uneasy, lonely, awkward figure” in the gathering in Hamburg, Germany.

Trump revealed “no desire and capacity to lead the entire world,” the journalist said. And while Trump spoke at length concerning the threats to Western society, the biggest threat is apparently Trump himself.

“Donald Trump has pressed fast-forward on the decrease of the United States as a global leader. He was able to isolate his state, to confuse and alienate his allies, and also to reduce America,” Uhlmann said in a TV broadcast.

“Some will cheer the decrease of America, but I believe we will miss it if it has gone .”

Well, okay then.

A 2-minute video clip shared by Insiders, ABC’s news and politics talk show, was re-tweeted and enjoyed tens of thousands of times. Uhlmann’s blistering remarks struck a nerve in the U.S., especially with fellow journalists and political commentators.

While the G20 includes the world’s 20 largest economies, Uhlmann and lots of others this weekend dubbed it the “G19,” given that the USA is the only member to oppose the Paris Climate Agreement.

The international treaty, which went into effect this past year, commits virtually every nation to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming.

On Saturday, the G20 leaders issued a communiqu that declares “the Paris Agreement is irreversible” while noting Trump’s widely criticized June 1 choice to withdraw the U.S. from the accord.

“The U.S. was left isolated and friendless,” Uhlmann noted.



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