Ice Cube’s celebrity 3-on-3 basketball league is here, just in time for the 2020 Olympics

Now that the Olympics has added three-on-three basketball as a medal-worthy rivalry, the usually street ball/ playground-based play is big time, and Ice Cube is about to cash in on it.

Actually, the rapper/ performer announced his Big 3 tournament long before the Olympics added the athletic to the 2020 games( in January ), but his timing for the official launch is perfect.

Appearing in a video ad for the tournament, together with actor and basketball fanatic Michael Rapaport, Ice Cube kicks off the 10 -city tournament that will include former NBA stars like Allen Iverson, Stephen Jackson, and Julius “Dr. J” Irving( who all appear in the commercial-grade ).

Some of the other names involved read like a who’s who of NBA reputation, including squad tutors Clyde Drexler, George Gervin, Rick Mahorn, and Charles Oakley. The eight teams will begin rivalling on live TV on Monday via Fox Sports on the FS1 channel.

Whether the involvement of Ice Cube and a few famed athletics calls can induce the conference a success is yet to be seen. But this is sure to incite more interest in the 2020 Olympics three-on-three competition.

Who would have thought that your pick-up basketball habit could one day got to get on Tv or lead to a amber honour? That’s all reality now, all you need to do is bring your abilities to the court.

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