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I Was a Sex Slave in the Modern U.S.

Slavery is something that you’d expect the U.S. had already done a fairly complete job of stomping out. Nonetheless, it turns out that there are tens of thousands of men and women in our country. And with this installment our hosts, of Cracked Gets Personal Robert Evans and Brandon Johnson speak to among them. You’ll hear from a lady who pressured, to act as a prostitute against her will, and was fooled. And you’re going to hear from a girl who found herself trapped forced against her will to generate clothing for your favourite retailers and entered the United States lawfully. Cracked Gets Personal is about to take you there if you have ever desired a look inside the bizarre underworld of human trafficking.

Heroin-induced erectile dysfunction! Suitcases filled with killed sex dolls and discarded porn! A request for military-issued urine funnels! It is never too late to catch up on the first couple of episodes of Cracked Gets Personal.

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