How to Build a Survival Fire Bed and Sleep Comfortably?

survival fire bed

You are lost in the woods with not a trace of civilization. The only thing that you hear are the foxes and the elephants. When lying down, you hear the sounds of thousands of insects around you, insects that you can only hear but cannot see.What happens if you are out in the wild at night and you don’t have a warm place to sleep? If you don’t have enough materials to keep you warm through the night, that almost certainly means an uncomfortable night with almost no sleep. Without enough warmth, in certain cold climates, you might not even survive the night. However, if you know how to make the fire bed, you can use nature’s provisions to make a warm, comfortable bed for yourself even in the wilderness. A fire bed might sound scary, but it is not very difficult to make, and is safe and comfortable. The survival tactics that you know will come in handy for you now. If the question is on how to survive a fire in the wilderness, you need to be prepared.

Three ways to build a fire in the wilderness – So, how can you survive in the wilderness?There are many ways you can make a fire in the wilderness. You just need to know how to survive in the woods and here are three of the best ways are as follows.

– The easiest solution is if you are carrying a lighter or a matchbox. Most hikers and campers make it a point to carry some of these. Build a tinder base with the help of twigs and branches and other organic material, and light it from within and from the base, as you would usually.

– There are times when you may not have a lighter or a matchbox. Use a battery from any appliance you might be carrying. Rub steel wool against the terminal of the battery. As you keep rubbing and increasing friction, a small flame will ignite. Blow on it to increase it. Once the steel wool if bright enough, transfer it to the tinder base you have built.

– Hold a flint rock between your thumb and forefinger. Take a knife blade and start scraping it against the flint. Once it sparks, catch it with a char cloth or lightweight tree fungus if you do not have char cloth. Once the fire transfers, quickly light up your nest of tinder.

Step by step instructions – So, how to make fire with sticks and rocks? Wilderness survival can be tough and so, here is the guide to make a fire bed. There are some simple steps that you should follow to make a good fire bed. Although it is no very difficult to make, yet it is important to pay attention to the small details in every step.

Dig a trench in the soil – The first thing when it comes to building a fire in the wilderness is to dig a trench in the soil. This should be approximately twelve inches wide and eight inches deep.

You first need rocks for the foundation – Hunt around for rocks that will be good for this. The size of the rock is the most important qualifier here. It should not be too big, because that will stop the heat from going above the layer, but they should not be too small too, because small rocks won’t have adequate capability to generate heat. Look for rocks that are approximately the size of a softball – that is the perfect size. Build a rock bed with these rocks by spreading them across the rectangular area that you would like to be your bed.

Build a fire – not too small. Building a fire in the wilderness can seem tough. So, it is a good idea to wait for the fire to burn down a little. You can sit next to the fire meanwhile to warm yourself up a bit after your rock hunting. Once the fire is almost extinguished naturally and ash and red-hot embers are all that are left, spread them across the rock bed. Make it even.

Collect dirt and other organic remnants from around you. Have enough for about six inches deep. Bury the fire’s embers on the rocks with this. The purpose of the dirt is to prevent twigs etc. from burning but still allowing the warmth of the embers to permeate upwards.

On top of the dirt, put on a layer of branches, twigs, and logs. A few inches should be enough.
Give the final touches. Now, you need to make the final layer, the one that you will sleep on. Use moss, grass, dried leaves or any other thing that you might find comfortable.

How to make the fire bed comfortable? – Now that you have built a firewall to keep you safe while you rest, why not go in that extra step and think about luxury? While you may not get the comfort you would in your home, good survival tactics means that your night sleep will be a good one. Comfort is one of the top concerns for a bed, because if you aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to get a good sleep. The top layer is one you can customize according to your need for warmth and your comfort. You can use moss, grass and leaves on the top. If you are carrying a material like canvas that is beneficial for you – you can use it make the top even more comfortable. If you have gone out camping in the wild and are making a fire bed, you sure can make it really comfortable. However, you won’t really know if the top layer is good enough till you try it out. Once you lie down, does it feel too hot? Or not warm enough? Add and deduct top material accordingly. You will eventually figure out a depth that is comfortable as well as the right amount of warmth.

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