How Samantha Bee Handles Wacky Trump: Each Day Is a Complete Reinvention of Reality

The host of’ Full Frontal’ opens up about her Emmy-nominated show, the madness that is the 2016 election, and being one of the only women in late-night. “>

Samantha Bee cannot escape Donald Trump. Hes trailed her all the way to the Catskills, where shes with their own families enjoying a much-deserved break from filming her late-night TBS made Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

I must say, Im literally spending my vacation in Trump country. There are Trump signs all over, says a chuckle Bee. I dont guess anyone watches my show up here, otherwise I would probably be run out of town!

Full Frontal has, in only its first season, become a bona fide hitearning solid ratings, critical raves, and an Emmy nod for Outstanding Writing. Viewers have delighted in Bees no-bullshit approachshe once called Trump a human cradling Putins sweaty sackand remarkable gift of gab, as well as fieldwork, skills she sharpened over the course of her 12 years as a correspondent on The Daily Show.

The Canadian-born Bee( now a U.S. citizen, and married to fellow ex-Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones) is, along with Last Week Tonights John Oliver, providing some of the most pointed and downright hilarious commentary during this insane election season, and helping fill the void left by the late-night loss of her mentor, Jon Stewart.

The Daily Beast caught up with Bee by phone during her Catskills break to chat about all things Full Frontal.

You couldnt have maybe insured Full Frontal catching on this quickly. It usually takes a bit for a present like this to find its groove, but this has been a made straight out the gate.

I mean, theres no waywe could not have anticipated that. We only tried to do the show that we liked the most. I will say that many of us have worked together already, so there were some preexisting relationships that induced the process move, and the vision was also very clear for the depict, so in some ways, were getting to do the display we wanted to do and its all we really could do.[ Laughs] I dont even know how marriage really adjust the tone of the present, since its the only demonstrate we could do, so Im glad its genuinely resonated with people!

It seems the weekly format has really benefitted both Full Frontal and Last Week Tonight, versus the daily format that you two were stuck with for years on The Daily Show. It seems like that format has allowed both you and Oliver to craft these lengthy and robust bits that you wouldnt be allowed to craft in a daily format.

Youre completely right about that. We thought about it a lotand even having the demonstrate on a Monday at first felt like it was going to hamstring us a little bit. We always knew that we are trying to do the depict once a week because we wanted to live our lives, for one thing, and doing field stuff is real important to me. I love it. I get so much pleasure out of going out into the field and talking with people, and I knew that would not be possible for me if we did a demonstrate four days a week. You simply cant do it. And it does dedicate us the opportunity to bask in it, be thoughtful, and watch the tale evolve over the course of the week. Its been really helpful for us and attained the process a lot more pleasurable. It dedicates us a nice wave to rideto see what sticks with us after a week has gone by.

Right, you mentioned the work-life balance, and it seems like if this or Last Week Tonight were daily programs you and John would never see your respective kids.

Exactly. I couldnt live that style I wouldnt shoot that leg for myself. I guess I would be completely miserable. I like a little bit of everythingactually, I like a lot of two different things: I like to work a lot and I like to be with their own families a lot, and doing a display once a week assists me do both of those things.

How does the work week go on Full Frontal?

Its weird to start the week with the busiest day of the weekMonday is the busiest day of the weekand then Tuesday is a relief where we dont truly get much done. Wednesday we start to emerge again and think about next Mondays show, Thursday we get more into it, and then Friday is a very busy day. Its an interesting workflow that mostly involves people working from home on the weekends, because the stories are constantly moving and changing over the weekends. Thats challenging. Its nice to have a weekend, but our weekends arent super relaxing. And somewhere in there Im shooting field stuff, too. Can you imagine doing that for four presents a week? No thank you!

Youve been satirizing politics for some time with The Daily Show, but this is a unique year by any stretch of the imagination.

It does feel a little bit special. Right now Im writing something for next week and as youre writing and thinking about things youre going to talk about, its resulted to me that theres no phase in writing anything about Donald Trump in advance because he moves the needle so much on a day-to-day basis. What you write right now will not be fresh tomorrow. Each day is a complete reinvention of reality. Its so uncommonly sad, strange, and impossible to follow. I feel like the ground is moving underneath my feet all the timeand I think everybody feels that way. Its hard to even investigates what hes up to because it merely changes so much. My god!

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