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Hot Barber Styles Clients’ Hair With A Giant Flame

YouTube is often a training ground for amateur glamour gurus, but one boy in Egypt has exploited the platform’s ability to heat up his vocation in an unconventional way.

Young people in Cairo are visiting hairstylist Mohamed Hanafy so he was able to give their mane on fire, according to news station CGTN Africa, the international limb of China state broadcaster CCTV. It’s a technique that Hanafy says he learned after watching a YouTube video proving a Pakistani barber using a similar technique.

Hanafy applies a blowtorch and mane products to literally illuminate his clients’ locks on fire to straighten their hair.

Hanafy claims that his hot mane therapy allows his clients’ mane to bide straight longer than with traditional methods. He also says that the flaming helps preserve color, avoids split ends and destroys removes dandruff.

The Cairo hairstylist also says he had a hard time urging his clients to let him light up their’ do where reference is firstly tried the technique.

” How can I tell them that I will give their mane on fire and persuade them that it won’t harm them at all — that on the contrary it would improve it ?” Hanafy supposes in the video, according to a translation from CGTN Africa.

Hanafy says his technique is most effective on clients with thick mane because it is better at taking the heat.

Hanafy modeled his technique after that of Shafqat Rajput, a barber in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, whose videos went viral earlier this year.

However, Rajput’s technique appears to be slightly different than Hanafy’s. According to a video shared by HuffPost India, Rajput appears to use a simple lighter.

Hanafy appears to use a torch that has a stronger and continuous flame.

Watch Rajput illuminated his clients’ mane below .

This hot trend is similar to the technique of stylist Ramadan Odwan, whose shop has become popular in the city of Rafah on the countries of the south Gaza Strip.

Odwan, owned of First Look salon, told the Middle Eastern news site Al-Monitor that he used a protective cream and claimed that the heat from the flaming barely touched the mane. Odwan said in February that barbers in Gaza have employed flaming to remove ear mane since 1990.

Hanafy may have just started torching his clients into a stylish new look, but it seems like he’s already a pro.

He recently told CGTN Africa,” Thankfully, work has been going smoothly since I began .”

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