Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner defends Stranger Things actor who avoided fan photos

Game of Thrones celebrity Sophie Turner  discussed in defense of Stranger Things’ youthful cast amid backlash on a viral video used to criticize among its celebrities.

A chunk of Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things and also looked in It, walking right into a hotel as fans waited for him outside spread online over the weekend, causing rapid discussion among fans. Some fans utilized the video–that has since been shot down–to criticize Wolfhard for not stopping to take photographs or give autographs for fans, while others predicted buff entitlement, defending the 14-year-old celebrity’s right to take a rest.

One of those supporting Wolfhard was Turner, who was 15 when Game of Thrones premiered in 2011. In a succession of tweets, she defended his and the other Stranger Things actors’ right to privacy. Just because they’re starring in a TV show on Netflix doesn’t mean that they owe anything to lovers.

Turner also pointed out that just because Wolfhard signed up to be a celebrity doesn’t mean that he must need to deal with cameras constantly following him or competitive lovers–especially when those lovers are adults.  

“It doesn’t,” she stated about the concept that this kind of behavior comes with the job.

Wolfhard also obtained support by his Stranger Things co-stars Shannon Purser (Barb) and Noah Schnapp (Will Byers). They both claimed that Wolfhard, like everyone, needs a rest sometimes, and Purser called out the lovers who felt entitled to Wolfhard&rsquo.

“Thus, from a big sister to the planet, don’t you DARE make youthful actors feel guilty or indebted for you because they couldn’t say hi,” she wrote.

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