Fifty Shades Darker Gets Its Official Rating From The MPAA! Does The Rating Reflect All That Was Promised ?!

Now this is inneresting !

Just a few months before Fifty Shades Darker is set to hit theaters, the MPAA released an official statement regarding the film’s rating.

Video: Fifty Shades Darker Drops Its Sexy First Trailer !

As we previously reported, fans were astonished when the movie’s predecessor Fifty Shades of Grey received an “R” rating despite its intense sexuality scenes and “unsual behavior”. We guess Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan ‘s on-screen boning just wasn’t scandalous enough for the MPAA the first go-around!

So, what about the sequel? We know director James Foley plans to up the ante even more this time!

According to the MPAA’s statement, Fifty Shades Darker will also be rated “R”.

The full proclamation read 😛 TAGEND

“R for strong erotic sex content, some graphic nudity and language.”

Well, there ya run!

So, will YOU watch the cinema on February 17?

[ Image via Universal Pictures .]

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