Facebook plans to build a ‘mixed-use village,’ aka its very own town in California


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Facebook isn’t content with just governing everything you do on the internet. The social media giant declared plans this week to turn a part of its Menlo Park, California property to some “mixed-use village” which is like its own city.

The property at Facebook’s corporate headquarters may have a grocery store, a pharmacy, home, office space, and other services that people usually access in their very own, non-Zuckerberg-controlled towns.

“Part of our vision is to create a neighborhood center that provides long-needed community services,” said a post on the Facebook Community page.

Facebook plans to file its plan with Menlo Park this past month. The business hopes the review process to last two years, and for construction to follow in phases. The first set of stores, home, and office area could be done in 2021.

In part, this ambitious plan is meant to fight housing crisis in and around San Francisco, where distribution is low and prices are sky-high. Facebook’s campus will probably include 1,500 housing units, and 15 percent of those will be available at below-market prices, the company said.

The home is then meant to spur growth in transportation. Population density at Facebook would “support new east-west connections and a future transit center,” Facebook explained.

The business is calling this job Willow Campus. It sounds like either the long run, or a major blast to the coal mining towns of the past.

“This is only the start. Moving forward, we aim to continue to work closely together with local leaders and community members to ensure Facebook’s existence is a benefit to the community. It’s one we are blessed to phone home,” Facebook’s article said.

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