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Facebook mods in danger after bug exposes them to suspected terrorist groups

Facebookput the safety of its moderatorsat risk after a bug exposed their personal information to supposed terrorist users.

Of the more than 1,000 affected moderators, 40 run in the counter-terrorism division in Ireland, and six are said to be high priority victims of the error. It’s likely their personal profiles were perceived by terrorists linked to ISIS, Hezbollah, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

The Guardian first reported the incidentand spoke with one of the six high-priority individuals.The unnamed employee, an Iraqi-born Irish citizen who worked with outsourcing company Cpl Recruitment, had quit his job and moved to The eastern european states for five months after reading seven potential terrorists he censored had viewed his profile.

When you come from a war zone and you have people like that knowing your family name you know that people get butchered for that, he told the Guardian . The penalty from ISIS for working in counter-terrorism is beheading. All theyd need to do is tell a person who has revolutionary here.

The bug was discovered in November 2016 after moderators starting receiving pal requests from people affiliated with terrorist groups. It found that the personal Facebook profiles of contractors, who police the network for content including sexual abuse, detest lecture, and terrorist propaganda, were automatically be contained in the program activities logs of the groups the individuals were shutting down. Facebook required its workers to use their personal Facebook accounts to log into its moderation system.

The social media giant showed the incident in a statement to the Guardian , saying it stirred changes to better detect and prevent these types of issues from occurring.

” Our investigation found that only a small fraction of the calls are probably viewed, and we never had evidence of any threat to the people impacted or their families as a result of this matter ,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement be forwarded to the Daily Dot.” Even so, we contacted each of them individually to offer support, answer their questions, and take meaningful steps to ensure their safety .”

Accordingto the Guardian , the company initially responded to the incident by offering to install residence security and furnish counseling to all those affected, but that did little to dispel fear. The unnamed high-priority worker, who was paid only $15 an hour, filed a legal assert against Facebook this month seeking compensation for psychological damage.

” I dont have a job, I have anxiety and Im on antidepressants, he supposed. I cant march anywhere without looking back.

Facebook articulates it will now test the use of administrative reports that are not linked to personal profiles.

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