Exactly how to build a cosy log cabin for barely $500.

log cabin

Log Cabin – A Dream House In The Wilderness

Once upon a time, log cabin houses were meant to be a home for people who worked near mines, or went hunting or stayed at the edge of the forest for similar activities. It is made of natural material and exude a rustic air which itself is mostly appreciated by people who are very close to nature.

Staying in it, can make you feel very close to nature not only because of the wood finish of the house but also because of the chirping of the birds, the cool wind which blows outside as well as the smell of the earth.

If you like, you can choose from a log cabin house situated either at the edge of the mountains or close to a water body. It’s perfect place for the nature lover.

So if you want to have an excellent weekend holiday, find out how to build this cosy 10 foot by 10 foot log cabin for less than $500, which took him 8 months to complete.

It will be one of your best getaway holiday where you will be close to the nature.

How To Build A Cozy Log Cabin For Less Than $500

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