Even The Strongest Girls End Up Falling For Assholes

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Even the strongest women end up falling boys that treat them worse than they deserve, for boys that take hours to send back texts , boys that pick and choose when to contact them.

The strongest women get trapped in dating matches. They stare at their phone and wonder if the text is going to come through. They get expect that their crush doesn ’ t counter and dressed up. They despise themselves for caring so much about some dumb boy whenever they’re supposed to become independent.

Even the strongest women fuck up. They end up with boys that couldn about these. Boys that treat them as a backup plan instead of a first priority. As it ’, boys who use thems convenient and leave whenever they want.

The strongest women have moments (or even months) of weakness in the place where they let their feelings eclipse their ordinary sense. Where they listen above their heads to their hearts. Where they decide that they want to pursue the object of the desire, regardless of what it will cost them if it’s their dignity, their self-respect, along with their self-worth.

The strongest women lower their standards if they feel as though they’ve found the person they are supposed to be dating. They take a chance on someone who may disappoint them since they believe that the risk is outweighed by the reward. They believe if they get together, that something good could happen.

The women let love distract them. They have difficulty focusing on which’s important because there is a boy that is specific at the back of their thoughts. They stop caring about what that actually matter in their world as they are obsessed with him and what he believes.

The women daydream about living happily ever after together with the life’s love. They are capable of living on their own, but they think about how fine it would be to find their individual. To spend eternity with someone who cares about them more.

Even the strongest women doubt themselves. They wonder why  has been behaving distant. They wonder what they might have done differently to make him like them more. They let their insecurities overshadow their positive traits all.

Even the strongest women cry over boys. They listen to sad songs that remind them of him. They chased him out. They remain in bed for more than they need to if they feel as if there’s no point in getting up in the morning.

The strongest women end up in toxic relationships — even though they realize they have something special to offer you. That they are a catch. They deserve much more has been willing to give them.

Even the strongest women fall for assholes. Even the strongest women end up in relationships.   The women have their hearts smashed into a million bits.

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