Engineer Designs Cabin That Can Detach Itself From An Aircraft In An Emergency

Around a third of individuals suffer from some level of anxiety when it comes to air travel, with even the most cool-headed of travelers often needing a stiff drink before a long flight. But do you feel any more comfortable flying in case your airplane was set up with this new “safety system” layout?

Allied aviation engineer Vladimir Tatarenko was operating for over three yearson this endeavor to make air travel safer.

His patented idea involves using another passenger cottage thatis able to detach from the motor, wings and cottage in the case of an accident. Once the cottage is discharged, it will then deploy a parachute to lower it to the floor.

The cottages design also has storage space, so passenger and cargo luggage since remains secure, The Independent reports.

He advised LiveLeak, Surviving in a airplane crash is possible. While aircraft manufacturers all around the world are trying to make airplanes safer, they could do nothing about the human factor.

As LiveLeak reported, commercial airlines haven’t shown much interest in their own thought, as it’d up costs, decrease seating capacity, and use more fuel.

In addition, despite high-profile injuries within the last few decades, air travel remains safer than you think. In 2014 the year of this MH370, MH17, Air Algerie 5017 and AirAsia QZ8501 flight catastrophesthere werejust 10 accidents per million commercial jet departures.

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