Donald Trump or Hillary as President, We’re Doom!

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Donald Trump President or Hillary Clinton President

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Donald Trump is by far the more unpredictable candidate. He makes a statement one day, and the next day says the exact opposite, all without even realizing he has contradicted himself. He opposes big money in politics and rightfully critiques Clinton for being beholden to global financial elites, then the next day promises to let these same people run the American economy.[7] While Clinton has specific plans which could lead to disaster, Trump does not really know what he is doing, and his plan is simply to throw out random ideas and see what sticks. Many conservatives have turned against him precisely because they see him as introducing massive amounts of risk. The unpredictable risk that Trump would introduce means being prepared for anything, but in particular he introduces specific risks related to civil unrest, nuclear weapons, and natural disasters.

Civil Unrest and the Potential for Fascism

Civil Unrest and Fascism

Perhaps the biggest risk of a Donald Trump president is from civil unrest. If Trump follows through on his proposals to build a wall along the Mexican border[8] and putting in place a ban on all Muslims from travelling to the United States,[9] this could very well set the stage for racial and ethnic riots which could lead to larger scale civil unrest. There have already been numerous protests by Mexican-Americans against Trump’s wall idea, which could turn violent if the wall starts to get built. At the same time, Trump’s campaign has retweeted neo-nazi memes[10] and has enjoyed the support of many associated with the neo-nazi movement in America.[11] The combination of policies targeting Muslims and Mexicans with the growth of neo-nazi and white supremacist movements sets the stage for potential race wars and general unrest.

Given that racially motivated violence has been a lingering small-scale problem in America for years, the combination of factors involved in a Trump presidency could lead to major civil unrest. In other countries, such as Sudan, racial and ethnic violence between Arabs and Africans and Christians and Muslims have led to the splitting of the country into two parts and accusations of genocide, accompanied by a general break down in law and order. A similar situation could occur in America, which means you need to be ready to get out of dodge when society breaks down.

Another problem with a Donald Trump president would be the unpredictability of how he would react to such a situation of civil strife. Given that Trump is responsible for flaming much of this racial tension, he would be unlikely and unwilling to defuse the situation peacefully and rationally. Given his many statements that have been applauded by various fascist groups, he could use the opportunity of general civil strife to suspend the constitution and implement fascism to violently impose order. Civil strife and a fascist government are both disasters and you should have a plan for both scenarios.

What does it means to you ?

Have a plan to get out of the cities and find a remote place in the woods or mountains where you will be safe and out of trouble areas. Build cabin in the wood, tiny houses or invest in one. And more importantly,  start acquiring survival skills in bushcrafting and homesteading.

Nuclear Potential

nuclear potential

Trump has apparently expressed bewilderment about why the US does not simply use nuclear weapons to solve conflicts in the Middle East or get rid of ISIS once and for all.[12] Trump has also stated that he would not rule out possible nuclear strikes in Europe.[13] Fifty of the top Republican foreign policy experts have written an open letter stating that Trump’s willingness to use nuclear weapons would make him the most reckless and unpredictable president in history. The Cold War design of America’s nuclear capabilities is meant to provide the president with the ability to quickly launch nuclear missiles to respond to a Soviet threat. What worries the top Republican foreign policy experts is that this means there is little room for debate or checks and balances should an angry President Trump decide to launch a nuclear missile in an emotional outburst.

Especially with his willingness to launch a nuclear missile within Europe, it means that even people in allied countries are not safe from a potential fallout situation. For Americans, any nuclear first strike by the American president that does not have the full support of all other nuclear-armed countries could spell disaster in the form of retaliation. A nuclear strike against ISIS for example, could lead to retaliation from nuclear-armed Pakistan. North Korea, with its own unstable leader, could launch a retaliatory attack on America even if they are not the targets. Governments in France and the UK may be forced to respond if a European country in their backyard is targeted, making both of those countries within the fallout range. A further complication is Turkey, where President Erdogan has now consolidated authoritarian power after a failed coup. Turkey is known to be implicitly supporting ISIS, and could seek to overpower an American military base which contains nuclear weapons, in order to launch one back at the US after a strike against their ISIS allies.

While its unlikely that a Cold War doomsday scenario would happen with two major powers launching all their nuclear weapons at each other, a couple of small scale strikes would be enough to create localized disaster zones that governments would be quick to abandon.

What does it means to you?

It means you need fallout shelters or underground bunkers.

While fallout shelters were mainstream during the Cold War, the potential for nuclear strikes under a Trump presidency will mean they will come back into fashion. Having such a shelter prepared now is essential to be ready for the potential risks should Trump win in November.

The Putin Factor

Putin factor

Donald Trump has a strange fascination with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump has already stated that he intends to not defend Eastern Europe should Russia invade, and has already expressed support for Russia’s dubious annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.[14] Putin knows that he cannot restore Russia to the status of superpower that it had during the Cold War, so instead his plan is to try to even out global politics by diminishing the power of the European Union and of the United States. It’s a plan to bring the rest of the world down to Russia’s level in order to give Russia more influence in world affairs. So far Putin has been doing this by bribing various post-fascist leaders in Europe with huge payoffs. Putin gave large sums of money to corrupt former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, he has donated large sums to the post-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece and National Front in France, all of whom are opposed to a united Europe and are skeptical of European cooperation with the United States. By undermining the West from within, Putin is seeking to drag everyone down to Russia’s level.

Up until now, Putin has met with resistance from the United States, in part because many Americans want to relive the Cold War, and in part because of Putin’s increasingly authoritarian and anti-democratic governing style. A Trump presidency could change the American hostility toward Russia. If Trump loves anything more than himself, it’s money, and a large personal payoff to Trump from Putin could basically turn America into a Russian puppet. Russian state media is already putting out propaganda in support of Trump and against Clinton in order to prepare Russians for the potential situation where Putin becomes Trump’s puppet master.

Putin’s plan of bringing the US down to Russia’s level would mean a major decline in the American economy. The Russian economy is actually much worse now than it was under communism, and Russia has slipped from a fully developed industrialized economy into a Third World Economy. This is Putin’s plan for America, which means rather than building up Russia he wants to tear down America. If America becomes a Third World country, then you can expect line ups for food after there are shortages, rolling brownouts in the power supply, and a general collapse in the value of the American dollar.

What does it means to you?

It means Self-sufficiency will become paramount, and you will need to be able to survive on your own without a developed economy and without a properly functional government.

Natural Disasters

natural disaster

Donald Trump has claimed that climate change is a communist conspiracy created by the Chinese in order to destroy the American economy.[15] This shocking denial of basic scientific fact means that a Trump presidency would likely enact policies that accelerate climate change, as well as fail to be prepared for the practical outcomes of climate change. Climate change doesn’t just mean higher average global temperatures, it also changes storm and weather patterns. Climatologists predict that mid-latitude areas, such as the United States, will suffer a dramatic increase in extreme weather, resulting in more natural disasters of higher intensity.[16]

If Trump ignores the climate change problem, the potential effects could accelerate and become more apparent sooner rather than later. Droughts, such as the recent one in California, will become more frequent and severe, leading to shortages in potable water and decreased food production. Droughts also lead to increasing the potential for catastrophic forest fires, such as those that destroyed the Canadian city of Fort McMurray this year. A forest fire in northern Canada in May is unprecedented, let alone one that could destroy a city of 60,000 people. Being prepared for drought means having food and water ready, being prepared for forest fires means having a bug out plan that can be activated quickly. Forest fires and drought will become major problems in the American west and in the Rocky Mountain areas.

Along the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast, hurricanes will become more frequent and more severe. A Hurricane Katrina type situation that New Orleans faced will happen multiple times a year. The North East will increasingly become part of this hurricane zone as temperatures increase, which means that the next big flood and hurricane could hit New York or Boston instead of Houston or New Orleans. Given that the government failed in almost every manner to deal with Hurricane Katrina, a Trump presidency that cuts funding from disaster management and dismisses the potential for natural disasters would lead to situations even worse than what happened in New Orleans.

Midwestern states will face more frequent tornadoes with higher wind speeds and Northern states will see bigger snow and ice storms in the winter. Shifting jet stream patterns could force winter storms further south, leaving states unprepared for winter in a state of crisis. Surviving winter storms means staying put rather than escaping. This requires being able to stay warm without electricity and having food saved. An unprepared government that denies the reality of natural disasters means that these disasters will no longer be local inconveniences that are cleared up in a week, but will become prolonged regional problems with the potential for civil unrest.

What does it means to you?

Depending on where you live, you will need to be prepared to having easy access to potable water and food during higher intensity droughts

Learn how to swim and stay alive when the next big flood or hurricane hits you.

Learn how to stay off hurricane’s path of destruction.

Learn how to stay put rather than escaping during a winter storms. This requires being able to stay warm without electricity and having food saved.

To Survive, Be Prepared for Anything

prepare for anything

Previous elections have generally been between two candidates who were basically the same and with the winner simply continuing with the status quo. In this election, both candidates are introducing large amounts of risk through a combination of recklessness and unpredictability. The fact that both candidates are universally despised and that major sections of both parties are opposed to their own candidate demonstrates that something uniquely wrong is happening here.

Given that there are a large number of potential disaster scenarios, both large and small, that could arise from this election, it means you need to be prepared. Many people focus on one potential disaster, which leaves them vulnerable should another type occur. The key to survival is being prepared for anything and everything, and given how the election is shaping up, anything and everything very well could happen.



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