Donald Trump or Hillary as President, We’re Doom!

donald trump president
Donald Trump President or Hillary Clinton President

The 2016 American Presidential election is shaping up to be a historic contest. This is because both candidates have strong unfavorable ratings. [1]  The American people realize that both are bad candidates and they are stuck with how to choose. Whether Donald Trump President or Hillary Clinton President, this is going to be a disaster election. This article will show how the shit is going to hit the fans. But more than anything else, what you need to do to avoid the shit hitting you.

Part 1: Hillary Clinton President Senario

Hillary Clinton is the classic establishment liberal. She won the Democratic nomination through her supporter. They are her  corporate backers, special interest groups and Democratic party elite. The Democrats often portray themselves for the working class and average American. But in reality, they are bought and sold by big money.

Clinton’s main rival inside Democrats was the populist Bernie Sanders. Sanders does not accept any corporate donations which is the opposite of Clinton. This is Clinton’s biggest flaw. She will be beholden to special interest groups and Corporate lobbying. Because of this, it sets her up for some potential disaster scenarios.

Email Security and Chinese Hackers

Email Security and Chinese Hackers

During the campaign, it was revealed that Hillary Clinton used a personal email server for official government business when she was Secretary of State.[2] While this sort of lapse in IT security would get any average bureaucrat fired, it demonstrates that Clinton has a lack of understanding of both IT security and that she is willing to pass classified information across unsecured networks that are easy for foreign government hackers to infiltrate.

Given that the Chinese government has been engaged in cyberwarfare against the United States for a number of years now, Clinton’s relaxed approach to computer security could open the door to Chinese hackers.[3]

What does it means to you ?

It means your life is at Risk!!

A major cyberattack exploiting vulnerabilities opened by Clinton could lead to knocking out critical IT infrastructure that is the backbone of the internet, the power grid, and increasingly even the financial system. No need for an EMP to knock out the power grid when the president could simply leave the backdoor open to allow Chinese hackers to do it manually.

Being prepared for even a short term outage would provide you with a major advantage over the rest of the population. And making sure all your valuable software information are backed-up and encrypted so even if all your information are stolen, at least, you know it is safe from hackers getting into your bank accounts.

The TPP and Pandemics

TPP and Pandemics

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a corporate rights treaty meant to give foreign corporations more power than the United States government. While Donald Trump has continually opposed the Obama-supported TPP, Hillary Clinton has been inconsistent. As part of the Obama government, she was an enthusiastic supporter of the TPP. Under pressure from Bernie Sanders’ opposition to the TPP during the primary, she claimed to oppose the TPP. Now that she was won the primary, she picked for a Vice President one of the biggest supporters of the TPP in Congress. Based on this pattern, and the fact her campaign is funded by all the major corporations who support the TPP, it’s safe to assume that once elected she will push to implement the TPP.

Among its many troubling aspects is that the TPP will radically extend copyright on pharmaceuticals, making the mass production of generic drugs illegal. With the recent increase in deadly infectious diseases around the world, ranging from Ebola virus to H5N1 to the Zika virus, the potential for a global pandemic which results in a public health crisis is huge. But once the TPP comes into effect, the government’s hands will be tied when it comes to manufacturing anti-viruses and vaccines as these will all be controlled by foreign corporations who will limit supply in order to push the price of the drugs up. If the government refuses to be blackmailed, a public health crisis could cause a breakdown in society, and if the government does give in and pay the extortionate drug prices, it could lead to America sliding back into a Third World country as the government goes broke. Being able to survive without contact with the rest of society would insulate you from the spread of such viruses that could be the result of a Clinton presidency.

What does it means to you ?

It means you need to look for alternative medicine and rely less on modern medicine. Have a garden in your backyard if possible, and grow plants that have medicinal properties. If not, learn foraging skills to collect and store various leaves and roots as herbs.

Global Currency and Financial Collapse

Global Currency and Financial Collapse

Hillary Clinton is an advocate of the form of globalization which has installed a neoliberal cadre of global economic elites as the managers of the world economy. We see this in her support of the TPP, the fact she has been bought and sold by big money interests [4], and her continued support of the UN. It has been heavily rumored that Hillary plans to push for Bill Clinton to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations.[5]

With Bill Clinton in charge of the UN and Hillary Clinton as President, the neoliberal financial elite could finally push through their plan to create a single global currency. At the urging of global bankers and financial elites, Hillary could purposefully tank the value of the American dollar in order to allow Bill to use his UN influence to switch the US to a global currency, eroding American sovereignty.

We have already seen how Greece’s economy collapsed under a single European currency, thus a single global currency would likely permanently subordinate America to European globalists. In such a situation, all your saved money and investments will go up in smoke

What does it means to you?

It means that you need to prepare and acquire survival skills. If all your money and asset crashes, you need to be able to pull through a pro-long period of financial crisis.

Good skills to learn are bartering skills, investing in gold, growing plants and rearing animals. We can learn alot from our Native Americans. They can teach us a lot about survival skills.

Gun Control

gun control

While the above scenarios are major events, a Clinton presidency could simply chip away at your liberty little by little until one day you realize that you don’t have the freedom that you once had. Being prepared means realizing what the average person doesn’t, and the average person does not recognize slow losses of liberty, only large ones. Clinton has a four step program to end gun ownership in America which involves a number of small steps, rather than any one big event.[6] Once she realizes she can chip away at the constitution little by little, she will then move on to eliminating other basic constitutional rights. While some have accused Clinton of wanting to slowly slide America towards socialism, the reality is the opposite, as she has been consistent in her desire to sell out America to foreign corporations and elites. Having a plan to escape into Mexico or Canada before everyone realizes that American liberty has been sold to the highest foreign bidder is necessary. When governments become oppressive, they shut the borders to prevent the panicked people from getting out.

What does it means to you ?

It means you need to have a plan to get out of this country before this happens and this will provide you a major advantage. Start thinking about this situation and plan a get-out-of this-country-plan. Although this may sound like a joke, but if this really happens, you will know what you need to do and be the first to react and not be in confusion. You can start off with Bug-out vehicle, bug-out bags and start finding places that would be safe for you and your love ones.

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