Donald is not a very popular baby name anymore

Goodbye Donald, hello Kylo.

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For some reason and we really can’t envision why no one wants to call their children Donald anymore.

According to 2016 data from the U.S. Social Security Administration liberated Friday, the name “Donald” reached a brand-new low-toned and declined in popularity quite dramatically.

Our president’s first name was ranked at just 443 in 2015 but last year it plummeted 45 spots to an even more pathetic 488.

Anyone else catch that 45 -point drop? Any connection to Trump being the 45 th chairperson? Anyway, The Donald and Donald Jr. can be somewhat reassured that the most difficult decline came to the male name “Jonael” with a 475 -point drop. But still, the value of our president’s first name has fallen. He can’t say he has best available name.

TV personality and erstwhile Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner seems to be having a similar impact, with her name and three deviations of its spelling topping the female list of biggest decreases in popularity. The first four slots are fitted with “Caitlin, ” “Caitlyn, ” “Katelynn, ” and “Kaitlynn.”

Suffice it to mention Donald and Caitlyn didn’t make it into the Top 10 for male or female epithets. These are the ones that did 😛 TAGEND

Noah/ Emma

Liam/ Olivia

William/ Ava

Mason/ Sophia

James/ Isabella

Benjamin/ Mia

Jacob/ Charlotte

Michael/ Abigail

Elijah/ Emily

Ethan/ Harper

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