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Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline

AHHHHHHH. Disney just announced something thats possibly so damned cool that I barely need complete sentences here: Immersive. Star Wars. Hotel.

Details are still super mild, but Disney only dropped this bombshell in the center of its D23 expo down in Los Angeles.

Heres what we understand so far:

  • All the workers (or cast members, in Disney Park lingo) will be in costume and in character
  • Each guest will get a narrative, which Disney specifically states will touch each and every minute of your day
  • Its supposed to take place on a space ship; windows will only show distance.

In other words, its like Westworld (or, you know, as near as anyone can get) plus Star Wars, minus all the sexy and/or murdery stuff.

The possibility here is amazing. Id be enthused about this even if it was only some haphazard third party throwing together a Star Wars-themed weekend. But with the might of a military of Disney Imagineers and Lucasfilms own stamp of approval on it? Oh man, oh man, oh man.

Sadly for us Californians, Disney has only mentioned this as coming to Floridas Walt Disney World thus far. BRB, purchasing plane tickets to Orlando.

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