Dashcam Video Shows Confused Tiger Woods Flunking Sobriety Tests

Police in Jupiter, Florida, have released dashcam footage depicting the DUI arrest of golf great Tiger Woods.

The 41 -year-old was noted early Monday asleep in his Mercedes, which was stopped in the right path of a road. The locomotive was operating, the blinker was on and the car had two flat tires along with some other shatter, CBS 12 in West Palm Beach reported.

The freshly released police video demonstrates Woods being cooperative but having difficulty following instructions and showing signs of disarray:

In the video, Woods tells police he had not been drinking, which is now being confirmed by a Breathalyzer exam. Nonetheless, the golfer released the following statement saying he was on prescribed medication and having an” unexpected reaction .”

Woods apologized to their own families, pals and devotees, thanked police and swore to” do everything in my strength to ensure this never happens again .”

The golfer is widely be regarded of the greatest to ever shaking a golf-club, but his vocation has been derailed in recent years by a series of injuries as well as some well-publicized personal problems, including a divorce.

He had a fourth back surgery in April, which ESPN reports will keep him out of golf for the rest of its first year.

Woods has a court look scheduled for July 5.

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