Dad Whose Son Survived Same Disease as Charlie Gard Speaks Out: “We Are Beyond Shocked”

A dad from Baltimore is talking out this week on behalf of terminally ill 11-month-old Charlie Gard, stating that his parents should be able to seek out experimental treatment in the U.S., after the exact same medical processes helped save his sons life.

Art Estopinans 6-year-old son, Arturito, has been created with a similar type of mitochondrial depletion syndrome as British infant Charlie Gard.


According to The Sun UK, Arturito was the first person from the United States to receive experimental nucleoside therapythe same treatment Chris Gard and Connie Yates are fighting to bring their son, Charlie, to the U.S. to receive.

Its been six years since Arturito was given two weeks to live, as the conditionwhich has only been discovered in 16 people EVERcauses rapid weakening of the nerves and brain damage.

Not only is he living today because of the experimental treatments, but Arturito can move his hands, feet, arms and palms.


We feel really fortunate to be American rather than Britishbecause when we lived in the U.K. Arturito would definitely be dead by now,Art clarified in a heated discussion about Good Morning Britain. How insensitive if there is a remedy that could save Charlies life and distinguished doctors in the U.S. that are prepared to help him.

Art says that his son is a “joyful boy. ” Hes adamant that Charlie Gard ought to be given the exact same chance at life because his son was six years back.

The American dad hasbeen in touch with Chris and Connie throughout the ongoing legal battle in which doctors in the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in Londonwhere Charlie has been treatedbelieve the boy ought to be permitted to die with dignity, ” against his parents wishes.

Chris and Connie sought concern from judges in the High Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court in London and the European Court of Human Rightsall of which have now ruled in favor of their doctors movement to remove Charlie from life support.

Charlie Gard is a human being and he deserves the chance to live, Art said. We’re beyond shocked that doctors in the U.K. are stating Charlie should die with dignity.

After delivering a petition with over 350,000 signatures to medical staff at GOSH over the weekend, judges in the High Court are re-hearing Chris and Connie’s appeal this Monday morning.


Charlie has been set to be taken off of life support over a week before, but an outpouring of assistance from people like Art, President Donald Trump and Pope Francishave prolonged the struggle for Charlie’s survival.

Praise be to God for the healing and development of 6-year-old Arturito. My prayer is that Charlie is going to be given the exact same shot at life.


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