Chance the Rapper makes his Tiny Desk Concert debut with a poem penned just for the occasion

Chance that the Rapper dropped from the very excited NPR Music offices in June because of his first Tiny Desk Concert a must-do for talented artists who come in an five-mile radius of the NPR headquarters in Washington D.C.

Feb NPR’s Robin Hilton, the musician penned a poem just for the occasion as in, written during the ride from his resort to the workplace and branded it “The Other Side”

Between an operation of “Juke Jam” off his 2016 record Coloring Book and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Will Not Go When I Go”, Chance performed the screenplay, gamely tripping once to begin after a office-wide announcement played over the construction’s loudspeakers.

Hear his distinctive poem and his delightful 13-minute set below:


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